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DIY Diaper Cakes

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Do It Yourself Purple Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10177

49.90 *

DIY Blue Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10183

49.90 *

Do It Yourself Turquoise Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10179

49.90 *

DIY Green Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10180

49.90 *

DIY Yellow Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10181

49.90 *

Do It Yourself Pink Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10178

49.90 *

DIY White Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10182

49.90 *

DM Diaper Cake red

Product no.: 10204

29.90 *

DM Diaper Cake Purple

Product no.: 10203

29.90 *

DM Diaper Cake turquoise

Product no.: 10205

29.90 *


Product no.: 10298

49.90 *


Product no.: 10319

19.90 *


Product no.: 10320

19.90 *
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A DIY nappy cake is not that hard, especially with our professional DIY nappy cake blanks!

We've already done the tricky work for you, the cake bases are in place and we've already attached the ribbons for you too.

Now it's up to you to decorate and embellish the beautiful baby gifts to your heart's content on the nappy cake DIY.

Let your creativity run free and then give a baby gift that comes from the heart. There's probably no better compliment you can give to new parents.


Making a nappy cake yourself or having it made for you is a wonderful and, above all, practical gift for a birth or christening and will be accepted with joy by all parents!

Order the ready-made blanks now at and make your own nappy cake.

DIY Diaper Cakes