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Personalised gifts


Here at lakaro you will find enchanting and beautiful baby gifts, baby equipment and children's gifts personalised with names.

Engraving jewellery

Engraving jewellery

Buy pretty engraving jewellery pendant and shield bracelet for babies and children with individual engraving here.

Baby bottle with name

Baby bottle with name

Baby bottle with name a very special gift idea also for the and birthday of the child - guaranteed unforgettable!

Money box with name

Money box with name

Personalised money box with name for babies as a pretty gift idea for birth, baptism or birthday. You can shop safely here.

Souvenir gifts

Souvenir gifts

Souvenir gifts that keep the time when the children were still very small in their memories forever.

Pacifier chains

Pacifier chain with name large selection unique models. Our pacifier chains are real eye-catchers.

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Personalised gifts are given a special touch when the name of the child is added.

We have put together some lovely baby gifts that you can have engraved, embroidered, printed or otherwise personalised.

Personalised birth and christening gifts are always a welcome change in the gift world!

Make unforgettable gifts for unforgettable occasions. Order here at

Baby supplies with names

Baby's first things are adorned with her own name. Baby bottles or children's cutlery with an individual inscription are unforgettable gifts that will be carefully cherished for years and will always remind you of this wonderful time.

Children's furniture with names

The first own bookshelf, footstool or armchair are even more beautiful when the child's name is written on it. "This is mine!" is immediately clear to the little ones and thus increases their appreciation and sense of responsibility from the very beginning. And above all, it's just great when the children's furniture has their first name on it.
Not to be confused, unique and original are our high-quality, personalised children's furniture from Kidkraft.