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Diaper cakes and gifts for birth

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We at WindeltortenZauber specialize in making a very special baby gift - the diaper cake.

We are happy to explain here what it is, because not everyone knows immediately. You can imagine the diaper cake as a cake made of diapers. Through a sophisticated processing of the individual diapers cake tiers are created in different sizes that can be expanded at will and thus give the opportunity to produce different cake sizes. For example, an XXL diaper cake can easily extend over four tiers and contain over 120 diapers. But also small models or even figures are feasible. Of course we have diaper cake for boys and diaper cake for girls






Diaper cakes with different equipment

But a diaper cake can do much more. Depending on the chosen design, different baby items are "baked" into it. So there are wooden mobiles, pacifier chains, baby teethers, socks,
Baby bottles, bibs, Breilöffelchen, toys, stuffed animals,
Stroller chains and so much more. Of course, only the best is good enough for us, so we only use brand-name products from reputable manufacturers. Our diapers are from Pampers, the baby products from heimess, Goki, Playshoes or Baby Fehn. So our diaper cakes are available with different equipment in the assortment.

There are no limits at!!!

With our diaper cakes you meet exactly the nerve of the time and combine individuality, loving craftsmanship and innovative spirit with a large portion of heart and soul. Because we make each of our diaper cakes with a lot of heart and hand, so that you can give them away afterwards just as from the heart!!!

We pay attention to manufacturers who attach importance to fair working conditions in production and often also promote or initiated projects that have sustainability for people and nature as their goal. 

Now for what occasion to give a diaper cake?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • if you are looking for a practical, unusual and original gift.
  • For baptism! The baptism gift is made in size 3 (equivalent to 4- 9 kg).
  • for hospital visits to bring a little color into the room with a birth gift.
  • at the workplace to congratulate the new dad. The optimal group gift!
  • for companies as a gift for employees or customers.
  • as a gift for the birth of the first baby!
  • when there is no wish list. With diapers you are always right.
  • as a surprise for a baby shower! Also with us the trend from America arrives and there you can come up with a stylish gift.
  • for new arrivals who already have everything.
  • as a present, so that you do not stand there with empty hands.
  • if you are looking for a gift for small, sweet twins and for parents who value natural and ecological products. Here our eco diaper cakes are a good choice.

How long does the production take and can I make special requests?

How long does the production take and can I make special requests? Sometimes it has to go fast, we know that all too well at WindeltortenZauber. Only in rare cases, the little new arrivals keep to the calculated date and there it can easily happen that you need a baby gift overnight. Normally, the production time is about two working days. Should it be particularly urgent, or you have your own ideas about color, size or equipment of the diaper cakes, we are happy to hear from you. We are happy to respond to your special requests and advise you professionally. Please write us an email or contact us by phone. Together we will be happy to work out your personalized gifts for birth and baptism.

We are proud of every single diaper cake and cordially invite you to our online store a foray through our diverse range of personalized baby gifts. Your new diaper cake for boy and girl order easily and conveniently through our store, we will take care of the rest!


You will find gold jewelry and silver jewelry for the little ones here at Jewelry with us in the online store. Should it be a children's pendant, a christening ring or a sign band? Or maybe a star sign pendant in silver? Browse now here purely and look at our articles but times in our online store. 

Baby toys or gifts for children

In the category baby toys you will find pulling and pushing toys for toddlers. That makes learning to walk even more fun.

Baby blankets and bath towels

In the category Here you will find beautiful cuddly soft terry in baby blankets and bath towels for your offspring. These products are certified according to Ökotex Standard 100 and are offered in different sizes, patterns and colors. Our WindeltortenZauber team will be happy to help you.

Personalized gifts

Personalized children furniture with charm

We offer in our gift store a wide range of items that can be personalized. So you can 
Toy chest, children's chairs, storage, children's shelves, children's melts and toy furniture with an individual text or desired name can be refined. These gift ideas are not only imaginative, but also super practical. Personalisiserte gifts make cleaning up an experience and so the little ones develop a sense of responsibility much faster. Because it is immediately clear to them: "This is mine, there is my name on it!" and so it is in their interest to take care of their things themselves. Various fonts and colors are available, and some even have small motifs that allow personalization for every taste.

Original glass baby bottles with names and birth dates

With a baby bottle probably everyone associates a new arrival. So what could be more natural than to make this cute symbol, a unique baby gift? We make it possible for you to have a baby bottle inscribed with the name and date of birth of the child and thus give a gift for life. Even after many years, parents and also the offspring will be reminded of this special time, as often as they look at the bottle. Made by a glassblower exclusively for you on customer request, this gift idea is simply unique.

Lakaro products

Here at lakaro you will find charming personalized items in vichy check design. So you can recognize the charming Lakaro products at first sight. Whether for boys in light blue, gray or for girls in pink, the children and the parents will be thrilled. With beautiful cuddly applications such as heart, star and crown, then still the name embroidered in desired color, make it a distinctive unique piece.

Money boxes and welcome suitcases prettied up with the baby's name

Where to put all the money that the offspring gets in the course of time from grandmas, grandpas, uncles and aunts? We have found a sweet, as well as safe storage for you. The piggy banks with the motif and name of your choice.

Securely sealed with a seal, the bills and coins are safe from all too curious little fingers and also pretty to look at. A select and high quality selection can be found in our online store.

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