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Nappy Cakes for Twins

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Twin Girls Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10230

79.90 *

XXL twins boys diaper cake large

Product no.: 10085

119.90 *

Twins girl diaper cake large

Product no.: 10089

119.90 *

Twins Diaper Cake Small

Product no.: 10219

44.90 *

Twins Diaper Cake with Bear

Product no.: 10093

74.90 *


Product no.: 10278

77.90 *

XXL Diaper Cake Twins

Product no.: 10029

104.90 *

Surprise Diaper Cake Twins Girls

Product no.: 10079

69.90 *
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Nappy cakes for twins or nappy cake twins the original gift for birth and baptism

Some things happen twice in life, and this is also the case with nappy cakes for twins and nappy cakes for twins.

So it's nice to know that we can at least provide a little help here, namely with a nappy cake for twins.

They are all double nappies for boys and girls, just the way you need them. And because we use so many nappies in these baby gifts, the "nappy supply" is guaranteed for a few days.


This makes our nappy cake twins the perfect gift for birth and baptism.

Take a look at the christening gifts and birth gifts under "Diaper Cakes for Twins" from and give the parents a little more freedom.
Toys, clothes and other baby goods have to be bought as a double pack and the vast sums of nappies used per day are not only beyond the bin but also beyond the pockets of so many twin parents.

Choose a nappy cake, order a nappy cake and we'll take care of the rest! 

Nappy Cakes for Twins