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XXL Diaper Cakes

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Fawn XXL Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10059

139.90 *

South Seas Magic XXL Diaper Cake - Sea Creatures

Product no.: 10192

124.90 *

Teddy XXL diaper cake

Product no.: 10308

124.90 *

Kitty XXL Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10206

119.90 *

XXL twins boys diaper cake large

Product no.: 10085

119.90 *

The big circus XXL Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10220

119.90 *

Pink Pony Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10207

129.90 *

Little Lamb boy diaper cake sheep

Product no.: 10024

139.90 *

Little Lamb Girls Diaper Cake Little Sheep

Product no.: 10035

139.90 *

My Best Friend Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10074

129.90 *

Twins girl diaper cake large

Product no.: 10089

119.90 *

Circus Deluxe Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10187

119.90 *

XXL Surprise Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10176

114.90 *

Big Starter Set Blue XXL Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10063

124.90 *


Product no.: 10306

124.90 *

Panda XXL Diaper Cake

Product no.: 10218

139.90 *

Nappy Cake XXL blue

Product no.: 10021

124.90 *

Nappy Cake XXL pink

Product no.: 10023

124.90 *

Nappy Cake Dream in White

Product no.: 10028

104.90 *

XXL Diaper Cake Twins

Product no.: 10029

104.90 *

New XXL sweet unicorn diaper cake

Product no.: 15010

134.90 *
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XXL Diaper Cakes

Birth gifts - The XXL nappy cake from are perfect baby gifts that are guaranteed to go down well.

The XXL nappy cakes are simply adorable and adorable big gifts for birth or christening.
Like all our XXL nappy cakes, they are made with the greatest care and love to ensure the highest level of usefulness and safety. After all, our baby gifts should not only be pretty, but also useful. That's why we only use high-quality materials. For nappies, care products, toys and baby articles, we only use brand-name manufacturers - er, nappy cakes!


So if you want to be on the safe side, choose the XXL nappy cake from our shop and order with confidence, thanks to our satisfaction guarantee.

If, contrary to expectations, you don't like your baby gifts, we will take them back, no ifs, ands or buts.
We are so confident in our creations that we have no hesitation in giving you this unique guarantee! Try us out and order your baby gifts for the birth at today and see for yourself.


A nappy cake XXL is a great gift idea for grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, work colleagues, friends or even the boss who wants to make his employee happy with the new baby.

As you can see, there are no limits. And above all - you can only be right, because if there is one thing that parents can definitely use, it is nappies. Decide for a nappy cake XXL and you give what will be used. And if you and the parents like the gift, we would of course be delighted if you thought of us again the next time you buy a present! 

Choose a nappy cake at, order a nappy cake and we will take care of the rest!