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FAQ - Frequently asked questions (diaper cakes)

How much does a diaper cake cost?10185-Mobile-Baumhaus_-_Kopie

Prices vary depending on the size and design of the diaper cake. Our prices for diaper cakes range from 24,90€ to 124,90€ plus shipping.

What do you put in a diaper cake?

Depending on the design, we "bake" booties, socks, griffin, pacifier chains, stuffed animals, mobile, care products and the like into the diaper cake. You can find all our diaper cakes for girls, boys and neutrals at

When to give a diaper cake?

You can give a diaper cake on different occasions. For example, for birth, baby's baptism, hospital visits, baby shower, as a gift to employees and customers would come into question.

What can I give for the birth?

If you want to make an unusual and special baby gift, then a diaper cake for girl, boy, neutral or even for twins in different colors and designs would be a good choice. One of our best sellers are our tricycles, they are quite fancy and please the parents extraordinarily. 

windeltorte für jungs bestellen und für mädchen kaufen

What can you give for a baby shower?

Besides our diaper cakes for girls and boys, we also have diaper tricycles, which are beautiful and definitely eye-catching at a baby party.

What do you need for a diaper cake?

The main component of a diaper cake are diapers. To make the diaper cakes a little more colorful, you can use ribbons and bows as you like. In addition, you add care products, a baby carriage chain, or a pacifier chain, etc. To make it more fun, you can add plush or pull animals to the whole thing. If you want to design the diaper cake yourself, but also want to save time, we have the blanks already pre-made for their diaper cake. Under DIY diaper cake you can order the construct with the ready-made ribbons in matching color and thus save a lot of time and can give free rein to your imagination to your heart's content. Have fun!!

Where can I buy diaper cakes?

At you will find our 200 diaper cake models for girls, boys and neutrals as well as diaper tricycles and diaper motorcycles. There is certainly something for everyone. Just choose, order and we will take care of the rest!

What can you get for your baby?

The range is huge. However, if you want something unusual, our diaper cakes and diaper tricycles would be particularly suitable. Also, personalized baby gifts would certainly be great. For example, baby bottles, blankets, pillows, comforter covers, etc. At www. you will find everything your heart desires.

What can you give for the puller party?

Do you want a fancy and especially special baby gift? Then a diaper cake for girl, boy, neutral or even for twins in different colors and designs would come into question. Also our diaper tricycles are always in demand and bring a smile to the face of new parents.