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Nappy tricycle

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Nappy tricycle green - Diaper cake tricycle

Product no.: 10173

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Product no.: 10278

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Product no.: 10269

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Nappy tricycle yellow - Diaper cake

Product no.: 10172

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Nappy tricycle blue - Diaper cake

Product no.: 10171

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Nappy tricycle pink - Diaper cake

Product no.: 10222

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The nappy tricycle is an original gift for the birth and christening of a Pampers nappy cake!

You've seen a nappy cake before and heard a lot about it, but a nappy tricycle is a hit.

The nappy tricycle whether boy or girl and all nappy cakes Pampers can be individually designed.

Whether pink, blue or white, everything is possible. Two-storey or three-storey, depending on the amount of nappies to be given away, a nappy cake can be made and ordered.
Which colour of bows and possibly with baby socks as candles, no problem.
But also a nappy wheel can be ordered in various designs.

Especially at a baby shower for a boy, the Pampers nappy cake is a real eye-catcher.
A nappy tricycle is definitely unusual and eye-catching.

It's hard to imagine America without the nappy tricycle, and this type of birth gift is becoming increasingly popular. The so-called "baby shower" takes place before the birth and serves not only to share the anticipation but also to receive gifts that make the start into a new phase of life more beautiful.

A christening is also a great occasion for a nappy tricycle.
Let yourself be enchanted by the variety and go to your loved ones with a beautiful Pampers nappy cake. The joy will be great over such a beautiful nappy tricycle.

The Pampers nappy cake is a wonderful sight at any celebration.
Nappies are part of the basic equipment of new parents.
They are needed in large quantities and can put quite a strain on the wallet.
All the nicer when a few donors can be found for a nappy tricycle.

Choose a nappy cake at, order a nappy cake and we'll take care of the rest!