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Order and Buy Diaper Cake

Order and Buy Diaper Cake

Nappy cakes for boys and girls are an unusual baby gift for births and are easy to order. 
Nappy cakes are a popular gift for mothers and fathers-to-be. It has never been easier to order nappy cakes online. With us you can quickly and easily order and buy nappy cakes online. If you have found something and would like to order a nappy cake at, simply click the item into the shopping basket.

At the top right you will see the item in the shopping cart. If you have a voucher code, you can redeem it right away. Log in, select the shipping method, choose the payment method and order the nappy cake.

Last year's most popular products (2020)
To get you in the mood, we're taking a look back and presenting you with the nine most popular nappy cakes in Germany, which were ordered from us!

The most popular products last year

Nappy tricycle colour: blueDiaper cake for boys

Nappy tricycle colour: pink Diaper cake for girls

Lucky devil nappy cake for girls 

Little princess nappy cake for girls 

Kitty XXL nappy cake for girls

Lovely bear nappy cake for boys

Bear in the moon nappy cake with amber

Fire brigade nappy cake for boys

Pink Pony nappy cake for girls

 10  The Fox Diaper Cake (Neutral)