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Nappy tricycle blue - Diaper cake

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Nappy cake "Diaper tricycle
in blue

The original!

If you want to give something practical for the birth of a child, you should do so with our nappy tricycle. Because everything that is used for this baby gift can be used for the child. Each nappy tricycle is made with great care from standard Pampers nappies. About 67 size 3 nappies (4-9 kg) are used here, as well as a David Fussenegger cotton baby blanket, a baby bottle, a teething ring as a number plate, a pair of baby socks, 2 baby bibs and a muslin nappy.
Of course, the colour is variable, because the nappy tricycle is available for both boys and girls . All the materials that are included can be used immediately for the baby.

The nappy tricycle is a useful and unusual gift for birth or christening that not everyone makes. There is no need for long and tedious searching, because nappies are always needed. Parents are welcome to wait a little while before using them, because nappy size 3 will fit for quite a while and so the nappy cake in the form of a tricycle can stand on the shelf for a while and always remind them of this wonderful day.

Each nappy tricycle is unique and impresses with its unusual design. So if you feel like stepping out of the line with your birth gift, this idea will definitely put you on the fast track. It is the absolute eye-catcher on every christening or birth gift table!

Supplied in cellophane and wrapped with matching ribbons and bows.
All nappy cakes are made from high quality materials and are produced with the greatest care and love.
Everything that is included can be used immediately.
Usually a pair of scissors is all that is needed to undo the ribbons and strings and take the nappy tricycle apart. 
All nappies can be used without hesitation and without damage, as no glue or needles are used.

Each nappy tricycle is a unique piece. The motifs of the bib and blanket can vary, depending on what is available at the time.

Of course, this nappy cake is also made with original Pampers nappies.

You want the nappy tricycle for a girl or boy?
No problem, we are happy to make the ribbons and bows in blue, pink, green, yellow, purple or red on request.

ATTENTION: The nappy cake is not a baby toy. The nappy cake contains small parts that are not suitable for children under 36 months.

Baby blanket: 95% cotton, 5% viscose
Ribbons: 100% Polyester
Bib: 65% cotton, 35% polyester with foil backing

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